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Photography, Video, and Digital Design

Magic Eye Studio is a specialized creative photography, video, and 3D animation studio for the visual and online promotion of your business, product, or service.

Marjolijn Bruijn

PR Representative

The pictures are really really looking great! 

DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam

Nynke M. Van der Berg


 WOW! They are absolutely stunning photos Kaan! We are very impressed.

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Saskia Van de Sanden


Thank you so much for this beautiful pictures!

Hotel Okura Amsterdam 

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam
Hotel-Photography-by- High-end-hotel-and-resors-photographer-kaan-sensoy-3.png
Hotel de l'europe Amsterdam. Luxery Hotel Fotografie- Magic Eye Studio, Hotel fotografie, hotel room, interior photoshoot. Hotel Photographer and High end hotel photography
Hotel De L'Europe Amsterdam
Courtyard by Marriott
Hotel De L'Europe Amsterdam. De beste hotels en de best interior designs in Amsterdam. The best ineriror design photos. Luxury Hotel Fotografie- Magic Eye Studio Amstrdam.  Interior design fotoshoot en fotografie voor Hotels en Resorts. Luxurey interior design fotograaf, Amsterdam. Interior design Photography. Photoshoot in Luxery Hotel with great interiors. Hotel De L'Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hotel de l'Europe Amsterdam. Best luxury hotels in Amsterdam and best hotel photos by Kaan Sensoy.  Hotel fotoshoot, De beste Horeca en hotel fotograaf, the best professional hotel photographer, by magic eye studio amsterdam, fotografie voor hotel en horeca, exterioir fotoshoot, hotel fotografie, hotel photoshoot, exterior fotograaf, architectural photography, amsterdam, netherlans, dutch
Hotel De L'Europe Amsterdam
Hotel De L'Europe Amsterdam
Hotel-Photography-Interior design-advart
Hotel-Photography-Interior design-advart
Hotel-Photography-Interior design-advart
Van der Valk Oostzaan-Amsterdam

Joyce Kremer


Fleur Coolen


Kristel Dom 


The photos look really good, thank you!

Thank you so much for these amazing pictures.

The pictures are truly beautiful. We are very happy with the all photos.

Courtyard by Marriott Amsterdam

Restaurant De Kas

Canal House Amsterdam

Restaurant De Kas Amsterdam
Restaurant Chinq Amsterdam
Restaurant and Food Photography at Chinq-8.jpg
Cafe Lien, Leiden. Restaurant and Food Photography by Magic Eye Studio. Food fotografie, Food photographer Amsterdam.
LINVT Food and restaurant photogrphy-9.png
Food-and-Beverage-and-Restaurant-Photography-by- High-end-food-and-beverage-photographer-k
Restaurant and Food Photography at Chinq-13.jpg
Restaurant and Food Photography at Restaurant Chinq Amsterdam
Food-and-Beverage-and-Restaurant-Photography-by- High-end-food-and-beverage-photographer-k
De Beste Food Fotografie en Top Retaurants of Amsterdam food Poster design. Liens Kitchen Food Poster. De beste kwalitijt food fotos en poster design voor Horeca. Luxury food design and photography. Famous food photographer Kaan Sensoy and Magic Eye Studio Amsterdam.
FoodFotografie & Poster Design
Conceptual Food Photography
Food photography, still life. High end food shots. Conceptiual food photography. See food on ice. Craps. Editorial food photography.
Editorial Food Photography
Lobster on the table. Concept photography. For food magazines. Food photography, still life. High end food shots. Conceptiual food photography. See food on ice. Craps. Editorial food photography.

Natalie Beckers 


Thank you, Kaan for the beautiful pictures.

It was very nice meeting you and working with you!

Podium Mozaïek

Ellen Welten


Thank you, pictures are beautiful!

The PPHE Hotel Group

The Netherlands

Alex Chang


All the photos look great! Thanks for the nice result. 

Hotel Espresso Amsterdam

We use Hasselblad cameras and lenses in our works to bring the best image quality and image colour and tonality.

ACTUS-DB2_Distagon 40_HVSA_w.jpg

The Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) was developed for serious users who demand the utmost colour accuracy. This system delivers the best possible natural colours which represent your products or images the most realistic way.

De Beste Zakelijke Portret Fotografie van Beroemd Fotograaf, Kaan Sensoy in Magic Eye Studio Amsterdam. Zakelijke, Business Portret Fotografie, ,Business Portretfotografie, Zakelijke Portret maken, Corporate Fotografie
Business portraits
The Grand Ball 2016
Glasnot-Victor Abeln_Beverage-cocktails-photograhy-by-Kaan-Sensoy-Magic-Eye-Studio-Amsterd
The Grand Ball 2016, Luxury Event Fotoshoot
Conceptual  portraits
Restaurant and Food Photography at Chinq
HORECA portraits
LINVT chef Portrait photography-10.png

Social Media Contents

We also produce highly immersive and eye-catching Cinemagraphs for hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Cinemagraphs are a great addition to any shot and are very effective when you want to add some movement to photos.

Cinemagraphs work best when the scene is composed and when one or two aspects move that can also be looped.

Innovative Content. Custom Moving Photos.

-Top content in Instagram-

Bier running. Cinemagraps. Animated food and beverage photos for Hotels, restaurants, bar and cafes. The best social media contents for HORECA. Instagram content for restaurants and hotels.
Red wine puring. Continues video photo, gif animation. Cinemagraps. Animated food and beverage photos for Hotels, restaurants, bar and cafes. The best social media contents for HORECA. Instagram content for restaurants and hotels.
An elegant liquere puring into the glass. High-end cinemagraphs en foto-animaties voor website en social media. Vernieuwende Content. Bewegende foto op maat. Cinemagraps. Animated food and beverage photos for Hotels, restaurants, bar and cafes. The best social media contents for HORECA. Instagram content for restaurants and hotels.

Our Strength?

That means 1 contact person, a clear contract, and all-inclusive prices. You can count on a short turnaround time and you have input into the result at any time. Together, we make your business visible!

Magic Eye Studio creates superior-quality photos.

We offer an affordable and professional photography service

where we showcase your accommodations and/or real estate to their best advantage,

thus increasing your bookings.


Before - After

Please move the slider to see our post-production work

Ramada Airport-Hotel Amsterdam
Amadi Panorama Hotel Amsterdam

How We Work

After the photo shoot at the customer's location, we begin the preparation with all the photos we have taken.

We make a pre-selection of the retouched (Photoshop cleaning and color-corrected) photos

and send them to our customers via an interactive online gallery.

The customer makes their own selection of photos from this gallery

and can leave a comment under each photo or provide any desired changes.


These possible changes are free of charge.

The customer will then pass on their definitive selection of the photos to us.

The customer only pays the price of the number of photos that have been chosen

and the daily photoshoot fee.

There are no additional costs associated with this.

Swimming pool,Swimming pools Fotoshoot, Horeca en Hotel fotografie by magic eye studio amsterdam. Goed, ervaring fotograafen, interior, exterior fotos. professional photography amsterdam netherland, fotoshoot, hotel fotos,
Hotel Okura Amsterdam
some reviews of our work

Magic Eye made incredible pictures of Park Hotel Amsterdam. He is very talented and his pictures of our hotel are very special and creative. 

Park Hotel Amsterdam|Isabelle Vangalen

"Magic Eye Studio did a great job delivering us a promo video for us 

Good communication and easy to work with.”

Pocket Media| Benjamin Pomerantz

I like it a lot!! Thank you so much.

IQ Creative| Danielle van der Werf  

Thank you so much for the wonderful foto's. Really good atmosphere you managed to create!

Café-Restaurant Kapitein Zeppos |Bob en Claire van Buren


 We’re really happy with the result, particulary happy that we will finally have some nice pictures of the exterior of the hotel.

Hotel Bloom Brussels | Tom Janssens
Director of Business Development

We are so proud! Kaan Sensoy did an excellent and professional job for our successful game Patrimonia Amsterdam.

Patrimonia | Esther Mutsaers

Your photos are very good !!! We are very satisfied with the photos.

Urban Lodge Hotel Amsterdam | Simon Babin
Revenue Manager
De Veranda Amsterdam
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