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A few words After IBC 2015 about new digital film making age.

Focus on production of TV commercials, Promo video, online-promotiefilms, 3D LOGO Animation and Professional Photography.

As you well know, Digital media is a hard core fact and here to stay.

When '' RED" company announced their first RED camera ( ''RED ONE'' ,Based on the RAW file capture of digital SLRs, the RED team engineered a camera capable of recording RAW, 4K images at up to 30 frames per second. Digital cinema, on a modern scale, was born.) at IBC 2007, I was there and I realized that ' this is the end of analog film making'.


Now, after 8 years later, there is no more doubt that the age of the digital filmmaking has began already. From small budget online production like any kind of promo videos to blockbusters Hollywood productions all go to digital. There is no more analog equipments or materials on the stands anymore. The transition has been completed.

IBC 2015 Amsterdam

Now, we are all as film/video makers ( in reality, since there is no more film material, we all are video makers) and photographers are happy to adjust to this new digital life which is easier and relatively affordable for everyone.

This is also good news for our clients who wants to have trendy and fancy TV commercials, online promotion films( promo video), 3d animations, introduction videos, professional photographs etc. for their promotional purposes. This is quite important especially in economic crisis time like now to make new clients and boost their sales.

3D animatie, Promovideo by Magic Eye Studio

Why is this good news? Simple answer would be all video making budgets are dramatically down.